Character Creation Guide

  • We are not using any well defined system for this short adventure so I have tried to keep things as simple as possible for character creation.
  • There are five traits that each player has in some quantity:
  1. Charisma: This affects things related to appearance, speech craft and diplomacy.
  2. Dexterity: This affects maneuverability, stealth and speed.
  3. Magic: This affects the power of spells and their chance of succeeding in casting.
  4. Mind: This affects reasoning abilities and technical skills.
  5. Strength: This affects how much one can carry or move, combat and health.
  • Each player first chooses a playable race that have different modifiers to each trait:
  1. Humans: +10 to all traits
  2. Elves: +10 to Charisma and Mind, +20 to Magic and Dexterity, -10 to Strength
  3. Dwarves:+30 to Strength, +15 to Magic and Mind, -10 to Charisma
  4. Gnomes: +10 to all traits but Strength, player puts another +10 on any trait except Strength
  5. Orcs: +10 to Dexterity, Magic and Mind, +20 to Strength
  6. Trolls: +30 to Magic and Strength, +20 to Mind, -10 to Charisma and Dexterity
  • Then each player chooses an occupation that affects their play by giving an additional +20 to related rolls and some special ability or information, which may be given to the players after creation, before the adventure starts:
  1. Scientist/Engineer: Main skill is Mind
  2. Soldier/Security: Main skills are Strength and Dexterity
  3. Diplomat/Officer: Main skill is Charisma
  4. Laborer/Technician: Main skills are Mind and Strength
  5. Scholar/Mage: Main skills are Magic and Mind
  • Once Race and Occupation have been chose characters may create their background and appearance. The wiki has information about each race and some about the world. Here is a link to global maps of Aldeya. Please ask for more information by message or in the comments tab and I’ll update the wiki as necessary.
  • Character Creation Guide

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