Campaign Background

Aldeya is a “fantasy” world that has progressed in technology. The Evil Races were defeated nearly 1000 years ago and either reformed and integrated in society or live in exile upon the islands of the Circle Sea. The rest of the world lives in relative peace, though military might is maintained to prevent any one race from completely dominating and to keep peace on the exile islands.

There are several different governments on Aldeya, though they all work jointly on most projects relating to the advancement of the world at large and several cities have been declared “open” where only the joint councils control. The largest of the governmental bodies is the Unified Humanity Council (UHC), which is primarily composed of Humans, though Gnomes are also widely embedded in its inner workings. The Elves are ruled by a king and council of elders, however kingship is not inherited, it is earned by deed and call of the people, though it is a lifetime appointment. Dwarves are divided into clans, each with a leader that governs in their legislative body called the Dwermoot. Orcs and Trolls do not have any official government outside the islands, though they have several exclusive interest groups, but they can participate fully in the political process of their resident nation and can hold any office they can achieve. Besides the racial governments, the Joint Aldeya Council (JAC) controls the “open” cities and is the body through which all joint efforts of Aldeya’s races are coordinated. The JAC is also responsible for the exile islands in the Circle Sea.

One of the most ambitious ventures controlled by the JAC is the Charse Reconstruction Project. Rapidly approaching it’s ten year anniversary, the research outpost settled on the largest remnant of the destroyed planetoid has given great insight into what occurred there. The projects goal is to determine what happened to Charse and who the original inhabitants were, if possible. The outpost itself is set in the back wall of a gully of a sheer plateau wall that overlooks a large barren plain. At the top of the compound sits the space port that allows incoming and outgoing travelers safely into the outpost. Several stories down, at the floor of the gully, strong magical fields keep a comfortable and breathable atmosphere within a small area that allows the residents a chance to see the world of Charse without any barriers. It is here that the adventure takes place, the planetary remnants of Charse in the outpost on the eve of it’s ten year anniversary celebration. The diplomats have arrived with the newest batch of eager young minds and hands for the project. Are you among them? Have you been with the project longer? What news have they been waiting to announce for the anniversary? Please see the Character Creation Guide to see how your character should be made.

Of Darker Days: The Rising Moon

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